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What are we about at Narcoossee Baptist Church? Good question.

At NBC we encourage people to fully commit to the adventure of following Christ.

We encourage People - Ever leave church feeling a little down? Well at NBC you'll find friendly smiling people who will gladly receive you.

The music is a blend of traditional hymns, southern gospel and praise and worship. The message is positive and practical. Hey, we believe the message of the Bible is good news and has answers for us today.

To fully commit - We teach and practice what the Bible calls "discipleship." It's more than religion or just Sunday morning stuff.

It is a wonderful "lifestyle" called Christianity.

To the adventure-Ever notice that religion can be dull and boring but meaningful relationships never are? What God wants from us is not religion but a relationship. Jesus didn't teach His original disciples a religion. He loved them, trained them, commissioned them, and empowered them, and these disciples went out and changed the world!

Jesus is still doing the same today. Now that's an adventure!

Of following Christ-This is the most important part of our purpose statement. We strive to be totally Christ-centered at NBC. WE believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son and that His favorite thing to do is to radically and wonderfully transform lives.


Pastor Dave Steele

Pastor David A. Steele is a graduate of Luther Rice Seminary and has been the Pastor of Narcoossee Baptist Church for over 10 years. Before leading our congregation he was the Pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church of Winter Garden, where he served for 3 1/2 years.

Pastor Steele was born in Peoria Illinois. At the age of 8, a young David accepted the Lord as his personal Savior, and has been active in the church ever since. He felt called to the ministry at the tender age of 16.

Pastor Steele and his wife Jane met while serving on an Evangelism team in Minnesota. They married in 1981 and have seven beautiful children.

In addition to his love of preaching (and obvious love for God), Pastor Steele has a definite gift for music. His sermons are not to be missed -- and neither is his singing. Click here to listen to Pastor Steele's sermons.

As Pastor Steele says, "This is not a memorial for saints; it's a hospital for sinners." By all accounts...the Doctor is in!


The Narcoossee Baptist Chapel (church) was started by James B. Haddox as a mission of the First Baptist Church of St. Cloud. The building was loaned to the chapel by the Wekiva Association.

The First Baptist Church helped pay for half of the property and a grant of $5,000 was given by the State Mission Board.

The first meeting was held on April 7, 1968, with six people present and only a Sunday school service was held. Those present that day asked for Worship services too. Bro. Haddox agreed and preached for the worship services also.

Later he was licensed to preach by First Baptist of St. Cloud. He continued to preach until the church was financially able to pay a part-time pastor. Six parttime Pastor's served until the mission constituted into a church on February 10, 1980.

The Narcoossee Baptist Church was voted into the Greater Orlando Baptist Association on July 14, 1980 by the Executive Board. The Church went on watch care until the Annual meeting in October, 1980.

Watch care ended on October 27, 1980.

The first Revival Services were held on March 8-14, 1981. The Evangelist was Walt Fowler, D.D.

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